For over 35 years, we've been quietly going about our business down here in Kissimmee Florida, serving the material lifitng needs of the Power Generation, Military & Aerospace, Entertainment, Marine Manufacturing and Printing industries.

We work with engineers, maintenance directors, plant supervisors, business owners, project managers, facility managers, general contractors and architects for many types of projects.


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Power Generation

Whether you’re in the design phase of a new power plant, retrofitting an existing plant or just need to update your general equipment, J. Herbert Lifts can assist with your lift needs.  We can provide Vertical Ram Lifts, VRCs or Scissor Lifts for your plant and all our products will conform to your industry safety requirements.  We invite your engineers and architects to consult with us early in your design phase to develop a custom lifting solution.

Lifts used for the Military and Aerospace Industry

Military & Aerospace

J. Herbert Lifts has extensive experience working with the end-users for the United States Military and aerospace industries.  From general personnel scissor lifts for aircraft maintenance, repair and inspection, to tilters, tilt tables and VRCs, we can provide a custom solution that conforms to your industry safety standards.  We’re experienced and sensitive to managing projects within government contracting standards.

Lifts for Shows and Entertainment


J. Herbert Lifts understands the unique requirements and levels of customization needed to provide functionality in a pretty package for the entertainment industry.  We can provide lifts for stages, performers, seating, lighting and other theatrical needs in portable and permanent models.  Hydraulic scissor lifts, vertical ram lifts and even access bridges are some of the common needs of the entertainment industry and J. Herbert Lifts will work closely with you to provide a custom solution.

Marine Manufacturing

J. Herbert Lifts specializes in helping marine manufacturers and repair facilities perform their work more safely and efficiently with a number of lift options.  Whether your needs require the lifting of an entire hull or a solution for mounting outboard motors to a transom, we can work with you to create an affordable and custom solution.  Many of our lifts feature hands-free operation thanks to foot switches and ensure vertical adjustments can be made quickly an easily during your finishing processes.


Lifts for Print Shops


The printing industry should look no further than J. Herbert Lifts for safe lifting solutions.  For many printing production lines we’d recommend a hydraulic turntable lift, which can improve workstation ergonomics, increase safe handling of heavy loads and improve manufacturing efficiencies.  Our lift solutions are cost efficient and completely customizable with the printing industry's needs in mind - like the use of beveled toe guards and below grade installation to accommodate pallet jacks.